If you are in the market looking for exciting opportunities for a change either in a permanent position or as a contractor then this is the right place to be. Contact uxbasix by filling in your details to get connected to our team and the right opportunities in your skill areas.

Back to workforce

If you took a break due to personal reasons and wants to get into the workforce and are unable to find the right job as per your expectations then we are here to help you in taking your candidature to the right organisation and identify the right role for your next career move. Contact uxbasix with your background, experience and preferences.

Career change

IT is a thriving and very rewarding field to be in. It’s lucrative and progressive. This also gives job satisfaction to many. If you are thinking of changing your career path into IT and do not know where and how to start then uxbasix can guide you to move into IT by looking at your background, interest, skills and market demand. uxbasix will help you to find out effective and right training and certifications for you to take up in order to acquire new IT skills and improve your chances to get a job in IT.