Direct Hire

To identify and hire the right talent reach out to uxbasix for a fast and efficient way to select the right candidate for your organisation. uxbasix will help you with the expertise in ICT hiring and the identification of a perfect match for your organisation.

Staff Augmentation

Stay lean by moving the selection, hiring and contractor management functions to uxbasix. With a wide network of ICT professionals in SAP, Digital, Cloud & Analytics across ANZ you can fulfil your urgent project staffing without much of a hassle.

Contractor Management

To reduce the task from enterprises in managing contractors payroll, uxbasix provides contractor management, payroll management services with transparency and reporting. Enterprises, as well as individual contractors, can offload the payroll management work to focus on the core business.

IT Coaching & Training

IT is ever-changing and one needs to stay relevant to the latest technologies and processes. uxbasix provides specialised and customised mentoring and coaching services to realign your ICT career and suggest the right IT training and certification to get into the IT workforce with full confidence and the right knowledge.

uxbasix partners provide IT training on various latest technologies and help in certifications exams.