17 Free & Must Have SEO Tools for every blogger

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Why Tools are required for SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO requires hundreds of insights or data and repetitive activities. Data insights are only possible through tools and also to automate manual repetitive activities.

You cant do it by yourself manually. You need these tools either free or freemium to execute your SEO activities.

For SEO there are several web-based tools and browser extensions available for most of the activities under on-page, off-page, and technical SEO areas.

With less effort and time, you can learn and use these tools to your advantage and make SEO journey faster and effective.

Identifying Right Tools

There are hundreds of tools available on the internet, it’s tedious work to identify the right toolset for your SEO activities.

I have done the hard work of using many such tools and compiled only a few for each area of SEO so that you can easily use the best.

Online Tools and Chrome Extensions are available for all areas of Search Engine Optimisation. Some are free whereas some are freemium.

Most of the tools have basic features for free and advanced features for high-end tasks that require a paid subscription.

This blog will focus mostly on Free and Freemium Tools so that you do most of your SEO work without spending anything.

For bloggers or online business owners, one can start with free tools or basic features of freemium tools and depending upon the requirement they can go for premium features of specific tools

Tools List

Below find the list of Tools. Please click on the name of the tool or the image wherever available to go to the tool site and use.

Backlink Status

One of the difficult areas of SEO is to get Backlinks ethically. Tools can give good insights into the current status of backlinks.

Ahrefs – Free Backlink Checker

Tools - Ahref Search Box

Listing in Local Directory 

SEO is all about connecting to your potential customers or readers. Google provides many great tools and free. 

One such tool is called Google My Business. This tool creates a business profile even if you don’t have any blog or website and promotes on google search and google maps. 

Google My Business

Tools - Google My Business

Using Google My Busines you can post updates in your profile and monitor how customers are interacting.

Competitor Research

Identifying the right competitor is a key aspect of Onpage SEO. Once you identify the right competitior then the next step is to find out insights into the keywords, topics and all other how you can improve your content better than your competitor.


Duplicate Analyser

Duplicate content is what you should avoid either in your pages or with other websites. To analyze the duplicate content use below tools


Tools - Siteliner

Heading of Blog or Webpage

Heading of any post of the webpage has got high importance for Google or Search engines to rank your site. This has also got a great impact on the reader. So a powerful heading can help you in improving your SEO score

Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer

Impacting your customers in an emotional way is key to successful copywriting, and the headline of any post or webpage is unquestionably the most important part of your entire page to impress the reader.

The headline Analyser tool will analyze the headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. 

Tools - Headline Analyzer

Keyword Research

Keywords or phrases are the backbones of Onpage SEO and to come up with unique and engaging content for your readers or customers. 

This needs lots of research and tools. In this, I am going to propose more than 1 as you need them for your Keyword identification.

Please read How to do Keyword research effectively using free tools for further details on keyword release

Image Tools

Images, Infographics, Presentations, Flyers, Logo are very important for any website or blog. These images improve the readability of the page and reduce the bounce rate and retain uses pr readers on your page.

Copyright infringement is very serious and you need to make sure you are not using any image which is not free to use. Pls check the user rights before using any image freely for your purpose

SEO Analyser

This type of tool will give an overview and suggestion on wide areas of SEO. This kind of tool is a must-have for identifying the key areas to improve SEO.


Tools - woorank

Web Page Analyser

Tools - Web Page Analyser


Continous review and analysis is a key task which is one of the best parts of SEO or Digital Marketing and is possible by using great tools. Without these analytics, it’s difficult to improve upon the current state of performance.

Cross Brower Testing

The majority of the Internet users use Chrome but still, there are some chances that the user may use other browsers so cross-browser testing is important for user experience. Below tools will help in achieving this

Browser Shots

How Bot sees your page

To improve SEO rank its important to know how Google Bot or any search engine bot sees your webpage or blog. The more we understand this we can work on improving the areas to make Bot reads and sees your page well. 


Tools - Browseo

Mobile Friendliness

As more and more people use mobile to browse and buy products its very important to check your site for mobile-friendliness. Google has come up with a great free tool for this.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Tools - Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Page Speed Test

This is one of the very high impact areas which if handled properly then SEO rank will skyrocket. There are many tools and as this is an important area 3 tools are recommended 

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • GTmetrix
  • WebPageTest

Google PageSpeed Insights

Tools - Google PageSpeed Insights


Tools - GTmetrix


Tools - webpagetest

Responsive Site Test

Your blog or webpage should adjust according to the reader’s screen size. These days there are various sizes of devices available. From mobile to big desktop screens your website has to give good user experience so that SWO rank will improve.

Responsive Website Design Tester – Media Genesis

Tools - Responsive Website Design Tester - Media Genesis

Results Page Rank check

It’s always good to know where we stand or which rank our webpage or blog is coming when searched by the relevant keywords. 


Tools - serpbot

Robots.txt creator

Robots.txt files help search bots to skip unwanted contents, files, pages not to crawl hence making your site clean in front of Google and hence chances of improving rank in the search index.

Yellowpipe Internet Services

XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is very helpful for Search Bots to read crawl your site and improves your chances of ranking better in google index,


Tools - XML-Sitemaps.com


Tools are an effective way to achieve tasks in less time for your Search Engine Optimisation process. You should identify and use appropriate tools to become successful as an SEO.


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